County Catching Up On Trash Collection Efforts

Labour Shortage, Workers Hitting Max. Hours, Trash Volume Increases Affecting Collection

An increase in trash volume coupled with labour shortages are being blamed for some delay in waste collection across the county.

The company contracted to collect trash across Simcoe County, Waste Connections, says it doesn’t have enough workers to do the job in a timely fashion, and add those workers out on their routes can only legally drive so many hours and are hitting those maximums.

The County of Simcoe is advising folks that waste collection crews continue working late into the evening, so trash can be left on the curb later than usual. Notifications about missed areas are sent out on the County’s social media channels or on its website, while @Barrie360Alerts will also carry any pressing information about trash collection.

Waste collection in the City of Barrie is unaffected, as it maintains a separate contract.