County inks new automated waste collection deal that saves over a million bucks

County to provide wheeled waste carts before November 2021 launch

The County of Simcoe has a new garbage man and it will change up the way the trash goes to the curb.

A new contract has been inked with Miller Waste Systems to provide curbside waste collection for all 16 of the municipalities under its waste collection umbrella. This does not include Barrie or Orillia.

Under the new contract, the county will proceed with an automated cart collection system. Each collection vehicle is outfitted with a mechanical arm that picks up, empties, and places the cart back on the curb.

According to a report submitted to County Council, Miller Waste has agreed to a $200,000 annual reduction in contract costs, meaning for a savings of $1.4 million.

The County will begin distributing new wheeled carts to each household in Simcoe; there will be three carts per house, one each for recycling, garbage, and organics collection. The new system will come into place in November of 2021.