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County of Simcoe to open additional in-person service

County opening its Service Simcoe Contact Centre July 5

Courtesy of the County of Simcoe

Following Thursday’s Provincial announcement regarding Ontario’s accelerated move to Step 2 under the COVID-19 Roadmap to Recovery, the County of Simcoe continues to provide essential services to our residents and communities and will be opening its Service Simcoe Contact Centre for in-person service starting July 5.

“We are at a critical juncture in our recovery from COVID-19,” said Warden George Cornell. “While we recognize important milestones, the continued presence of the Delta variant in our communities, combined with a plateau in those seeking vaccination in Simcoe Muskoka, means we can’t yet lower our guard, especially as we enter the summer months. Please remain diligent and follow all Public Health guidelines. Furthermore, as our Country enters a phase of collective mourning, we encourage residents of Simcoe County to reflect and contemplate both our history and our future as we look to learn and grow together with our Indigenous friends and partners.”

County Services Update
The County of Simcoe continues to provide our essential services that support almost 500,000 residents and approximately 16,000 businesses. Up-to-date information regarding service impacts can be found on our website, www.simcoe.ca/covid19. A brief summary of our operations as we move into Step 2 are listed below:

Reopening to the Public:

Service Simcoe Contact Centre

  • Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic the Service Simcoe Contact Centre has remained open for all phone and email inquiries/requests and virtually performed all normal transactions
  • As of July 5, 2021, the Service Simcoe Contact Centre will resume in-person service at the Administration Centre, Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. to support the public requiring in person transactions
  • Public access will be restricted to the atrium area via the Administration Centre’s front entrance. Measures remain in place to ensure the safety of both staff and the public. These measures include:
    • Cohorting of staff
    • Plexiglass barriers
    • Floor social distancing markers
    • Designated visitor washrooms
    • Touchless Point of Sale (POS)
    • Roped barriers
    • Directional signage
  • Guests are reminded to adhere to safety precautions when visiting the Administration Centre, including wearing a face covering at all times when in common areas inside the building and exercising proper hand sanitization. Additional sanitization stations have been set up to accommodate this

CONTINUED Essential/Critical Services:

Landfills and Curbside Waste Collection

  • The County has safely extended operating hours at our waste facilities to support residents and businesses during COVID-19.  All sites with the exception of Mara and Matchedash have moved to six-days-a-week service schedule
  • Hours of operation are 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • *All County landfills and transfer stations will be closed to the public on July 1. Curbside waste collection will continue as regularly schedule

LINX Transit

  • LINX Transit will continue to operate all routes with safety precautions in place
  • *No transit service on any of the LINX routes on July 1
  • Visit https://nextlinx.simcoe.ca/ to check our schedules

Ontario Works Offices

  • All Ontario Works offices remain open including the office at the Administration Centre in Midhurst, with limited operational functions being supported by designated staffing cohorts
  • Clients are encouraged to utilize virtual assistance options to further reduce foot traffic

Children’s Services

  • The County’s Emergency Child Care for ​health-care and frontline workers comes to an end on June 30
  • Child care settings will continue to adhere to stringent health and safety measures so that they remain safe places for children and staff

General Services

  • The County will also maintain safe operations in Long-Term Care and Seniors Services facilities, Paramedic Services, Economic Development and Tourism, Library Co-operative, Planning, Simcoe County Forests, Transportation and Engineering, Lake Simcoe Regional Airport, Social Housing, Local Immigration Services, Children and Community Services, Customer Service, Legislative and Government Services and administrative/support departments
  • Staff will continue to work remotely where possible and public/client assistance will be by appointment for relevant services

County Council and Committee Meetings

  • Will remain with virtual meetings

Closed to the Public:

County Administration Centre (Midhurst)

  • With the exception of the front Atrium area to access the Contact Centre, the rest of the Administration Centre remains closed to the public (excluding the Midhurst Ontario Works office which has a separate entrance and remains open). Staff will continue to serve residents, clients and partners virtually by appointment only
  • The Cravings @ Work Cafeteria remains closed

Simcoe County Archives

·         Building access remains closed to the public during the pandemic

·         Staff will continue to provide remote/virtual services to the public and clients. Click here for information

Simcoe County Museum

  • The Simcoe County Museum will remain closed to the public as we work to complete ongoing construction projects
  • Several virtual day camps have been developed to run during the weeks of July 5 and 12
  • Virtual events also continue throughout July
  • In person camps are schedule to resume on August 9 and will run for the remaining three weeks of summer
  • For information on virtual programs, visit museum.simcoe.ca

Simcoe County Libraries

  • Many public libraries in the County will work to reopen on July 5. The Library Co-operative staff will continue to support member libraries based on their needs.