COVID-19 cases jump by 151 in Ontario

16 per cent of Ontario's COVID-19 cases is community spread

The province’s total caseload is at 1, 144 after the Ministry of Health announced today there were 151 new infections.

The number of deaths from the virus remains unchanged at 18 and their are eight recoveries. Two of those deaths were in patients where no laboratory testing for COVID-19 was ever performed.

No details were released about any of today’s cases, which was the same situation on Friday. Provincial officials said all patient information was “pending” or under investigation.

There are 63 people in intensive care and 46 of those individuals are on ventilators.

Of the total caseload in Ontario, there is no information on 45 per cent. 26 per cent are travel-related, 16 per cent is community spread and 10 per cent is close contact of a case.