Culture Days Encouraging Barrie to Find Some Hidden Gems

10th Annual Festival's Theme This year is Health and Wellness

The City of Barrie has raised the flag on its tenth annual Culture Days festival.

The celebration of local culture and multiculturalism began at City Hall at 11:00 Friday morning, kicking off three-days of events throughout Barrie.

But not just Barrie. “Culture Days is actually a national initiative, it happens all across Canada, and Barrie is just one of many municipalities that participates.” says Amanda Dyke, Culture Officer for the City of Barrie, “But the intent is to get community members out into new spaces and get them to try new cultural activities, maybe in spaces they wouldn’t necessarily come across those activities.”

“We put a call out to see who might want to offer a venue, because we wanted it to be across the city, or just outside the downtown core as much as possible,” says Dyke. “We have locations for programming happening in the south end, Sunnidale Park, a few venues in the downtown, and some outdoor spaces too.”

Culture Days promises a bevy of cultural and multicultural events, including yoga and meditation Saturday morning, with events surrounding First Nations, Peruvian, Jamaican, Muslim, and Sikh cultures. A complete list of events is available on the City of Barrie website.

While some may not think of Barrie as a cultural hub, Dyke says if that’s not the case now, it will be. “I think this year really reflects the multiculturalism of the City of Barrie. I don’t think many people would consider Barrie to be multicultural, but I think as we’ve seen with new residents coming into our community‚Ķ we will see a much more diverse community emerge.”