Daily COVID case count increase hits new record high at 700 in one day

Previous record of 640 set in April

The province set a grim record on Monday with 700 cases confirmed by health officials. That’s the highest number of daily cases to date. The previous high, set in April, stood at 640 cases.

Toronto remains the highest contributor to the daily increase, with 344 cases reported on Monday. Peel Region contributed 104, while Ottawa reported 89. These three locations remain the largest hot spot locations in the province.

Six more people were admitted to hospital as a result of COVID-19, with one more person in intensive care. Public Health Ontario reports the percent positivity rate, the percentage of all tests performed that are positive, is at one percent. This is a slight increase from only a few weeks ago, but significantly lower than in May when the province was processing fewer than 10,000 tests a day.

This comes as over 41,000 tests were run. However, there were nearly 50,000 waiting to be run as the province continues to try and boost its capacity to process tests.