Barrie 360 Launches Daily Kickstart: New Podcast For A Quick Dose of Daily News

Our goal is to bring you the news that you need to know about …

So we started a daily podcast to give you a quick overview of the headlines that affect you. From local news, to provincial, national and international headlines, you will have all the information you need to get your day started.

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Every weekday morning around 6am, you will be able to listen to the daily newscast wherever you get your podcasts, or you can find it here on our podcasts page.

Listen To The Daily Kickstart

The Daily Kickstart podcast is hosted by Dan Blakeley.

This is your Daily Kickstart! The daily podcast to get your day started with a quick overview of the day’s news headlines from the Barrie 360 team. This podcast will be live first thing every morning Monday-Friday and will include local news, and both provincial, national and international headlines. Pop this pod on first thing every morning, get your news, and get ready to kick start your day.