$10M in damages after Marilyn Manson concert, woman thinks company that served her should share the blame

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A woman is suing the company that served her after she caused $10 million in damages following a Marilyn Manson concert in London, Ontario.

The incident happened in 2019 while she was leaving the show at Budweiser Gardens.

Reports say she drove the wrong way down a street, slammed into a house which severed the homes gas line.

It doesn’t stop there.

Shortly after the crash, the home exploded, and the blaze spread to other homes.

Four houses were destroyed, and seven people were left injured. Around 100 homes in the area had to be evacuated.

She pleaded guilty to four counts of impaired driving causing bodily harm and was sentenced to three years in prison in February 2021. Her and her father are facing six lawsuits over the blast.

However, according to CBC, she believes some of the blame should go to Ovations Ontario Food Services, the company that served her.

In her lawsuit, she says the company served her alcohol “when they knew or ought to have known that she was intoxicated or would become intoxicated” and failed to provide properly trained bouncers to monitor levels of intoxication, failed to check on her mode of transportation after she was ejected and did not take steps to ensure she wouldn’t drive home.

The claim says she and her father are required to pay any amount, then they are “entitled to contribution and indemnity from the defendant (Ovation).”

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