David Busby Street Centre Showing off Results of Barrie Grant

Now that the Reno Is Complete, Efforts Can Focus On Continuing to Help Find Housing

The David Busby Street Centre says it is cracking down on getting its clients homes now that renovations are complete.

A renovation project at the centre for those experiencing homelessness was completed in the fall, following a successful fundraising campaign. The City of Barrie awarded the David Busby Street Centre a $200,000 grant in December of 2018 to support the Centre’s reconstruction, while the County of Simcoe contributed $150,000, with $585,000 raised through pledges and donations from the public. The funds helped bring important safety upgrades to the centre, including a new HVAC system and water heater.

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Now that these renovations and upgrades are complete, attention can be turned to increasing efforts to house the David Busby’s clients; the centre’s hub serves as a coordinated access point for individuals and families experiencing or at risk of homelessness, aiding in gaining access to housing options and other supports. In 2019, the centre helped 102 individuals and families either get a house or keep their existing home.

The grant awarded by the City to the David Busby Street Centre in December came from a then-newly created Community Facility Improvement Fund that is expected to continue supporting not-for-profit organizations in the city.