Deadline Fast Approaching For Victims Of Federal “LGBT Purge” To Make Claim

Personal Letter of Apology, Financial Compensation Going to Some Affected By Unfair Policies of the 50's to 90's

Some public servants are being reminded they could be owed compensation and apology following the so-called LGBT Purge that began in the 50’s.

The Government of Canada is advising that current or former federal public servants, along with members of the Canadian Armed Forces and the Mounties who were affected by unfair federal policies between the 50’s and 90’s could play a part in this lawsuit.

In June of last year, the Federal Court approved an agreement allowing the suit to go forward. It would see financial and emotional compensation go to members of the CAF, RCMP or public servants who were discriminated against, harassed, investigationed, sanctioned, released, or forced to terminate their employment due to sexual orientation or gender identity during the LGBT Purge.

Those affected have until April 25th of this year to file claim, through the court-appointed administrator Deloitte.

This agreement includes financial compensation of up to $100,000 and individual reconciliation measures including a personal letter of apology.