Woman finds designer wedding dress worth thousands for $25 at a thrift store

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You never know what treasures you’ll find at a thrift shop.

Emmali Osterhoudt from Birmingham, Alabama, found a stunning wedding dress at her local Goodwill store for $25. She scooped it up even though she’s not getting married.

Once she got home, she googled the dress and found that it was Galia Lahav, worth $6200.

She posted her findings on Tiktok explaining that Galia Lahav designed one of Paris Hilton’s wedding dresses. Everyone agrees she hit the jackpot.

@emmalifaith Im so freaking excited about this find, i may not even use it when it comes to the day because im not getting engaged or married for awhile but maybe its fate lol also jlo has worn this brand as well #galialahav #galialahavbride #goodwill #weddingdress @Galia Lahav ♬ original sound – Emmali

She plans to save it for her wedding day for when it comes and doesn’t feel there’s bad karma around the garment.

In a follow-up video, Osterhoudt answered a few questions, including if she plans to clean it with Sage to eliminate “the bad juju” around it.

I don’t plan on doing that; I don’t believe in superstition, but I believe beautiful things can come from a bad situation. I think this dress could have been god’s plan and fate.”

@emmalifaith Answer some of the Galia Lahav dress questions with me!!! 🫶🏼🫶🏼 #goodwill #goodwillfinds #galialahav #weddingdress ♬ original sound – Emmali

feature image from Emmali Osterhoudt/emmalifaith via tiktok