Disinfecting will soon be as easy as flipping a switch

We live in a much more clean-conscious world now and we have a feeling that disinfecting surfaces will stick around long after things return to normal. Well, a new smart device will make that as easy as turning on a light switch.

The LIFX Clean Antibacterial Smart Bulb is a new type of bulb that emits high-energy violet light (safe for people, pets, and plants) that kills germs and bacteria like E. coli. This light is manually activated (or you can set up a schedule by connecting to the LIFX app) and also acts as a regular bulb. You can even connect it to your smart hubs like Alexa or Siri and say “Disinfect the -insert room here-“.

While they are a bit pricey at the moment, coming in at $70, it does include all the regular features you would come to expect with most smart bulbs such as colour-changing capabilities.

You can pre-order them right now from the website.

Featured image courtesy of LIFX via lifx.com