Dog reunited with family after police/pup selfie caught some online admiration

"So cute. Oh ya, the dog too. Hope his owners come soon!"

A four-legged friend is back home with family, after a Barrie Police officer found the pup wandering in the city’s south end. The police-pup selfie widely shared online may have helped get the pup home a bit faster.

The selfie was shared on the Barrie Police Twitter account Tuesday morning and posted to various Facebook pages from there, including the Barrie 360 page. It was subsequently shared hundreds of times, and not just because the dog was cute. The officer who found the dog also caught some online affection.

“So cute. Oh ya, the dog too. Hope his owners come soon!” reads one comment taken from the Barrie 360 page. “My god those eyes 😍The puppy is cute too 😜” reads another.

Barrie Police spokesperson Peter Leon was asked about all the attention the officer received. He says Constable Kurt Hemington was just doing his job. “You know what, this just shows our officers are willing to go the extra mile to do what has to be done,” Leon told Barrie 360. “I know he patrolled around the neighbourhood, trying to locate anybody that might be looking for their lost pet.”

The pup, since identified as Toby, was taken to Barrie’s branch of the OSPCA to be cared for, and Leon says the chipper canine was reunited with family about an hour later. “Most importantly though, there was a great sharing of information that took place,” added Leon.

Feature image courtesy Barrie Police via Twitter