Don’t forget to say thank you

Empathy is more important than ever

COVID-19 has forced change on a massive scale concerning everything from leisure to business. Trips have to be cancelled, plans have to be changed, and most importantly, more people than ever are working from home. Many people, however, don’t have that luxury.

Medical practitioners, truck drivers, grocery store workers, and more are all braving the uncertainty to make sure we are healthy and have our basic needs covered. Yes, being self-isolated and stuck indoors does suck but the alternative is worse (and more dangerous).

There have been many posts and constant talk (rightly so) about the amazing work being done by doctors, nurses, and other members of not only the medical field but all those who work in the essential services category. However, let’s not forget the worker who has to come into a crowded grocery store with massive line-ups snaking up and down the aisle or the truck driver who is still long hauling across the country to keep those shelves stocked.

So, the next time you’re picking up groceries or if you know a truck driver, nurse, or anyone else who is still working at a brick and mortar store, give them a sincere and heartfelt, thank you.

Featured image courtesy of Raj Vaishnaw via