After lagging behind, Door Dash finally offering Alcohol delivery in Canada

Comes as food delivery services are becoming less popular

After being available on other delivery services like Uber Eats for some time, Door Dash users can finally get alcohol delivered to their door.

The feature can be accessed through a new tab in the app and will have offerings from grocery stores and local retailers including beer, wine, and spirits. You will also be able to include alcohol with food orders from certain restaurants or, using the new Double Dash feature, combine two locations into one order. Door Dash claims the new feature will boost order values for restaurants by up to 30%.

In terms of safety, ID verification will be a two-step process: Once prior to checkout and again at the door by the delivery driver. The app will also blur out all other information besides the picture and date of birth to ensure privacy. You can also opt out of this feature and this will exclude any alcohol from being shown in the app along with blocking any advertisements or direct marketing from getting to you.

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With restrictions easing, vaccine passports in place, and people eager to be social once again, delivery services are expecting a drop in customers in late 2021. Door Dash is hoping this new feature will help minimize some of those losses.

Featured image: Rohan Jahagirdar via