Downtown Barrie’s Homestead Artisan Bakery featured on Food Network’s Project Bakeover

Co-owners Cait Patrick and Lise Garden proud of how far out of their comfort zone they went

A local bakery has gotten some limelight.

The Homestead Artisan Bakery in Barrie’s downtown core has appeared on the Food Network show Project Bakeover. The premise of the show revolves around bakery businesses getting guidance from masters in the industry, and Homestead co-owner Cait Patrick says it was an out-of-the-blue opportunity. “We were actually contacted, quite randomly, back in September,” Cait told Barrie 360. “And at first, we thought it wasn’t real. And we were kind of questioning, you know, like, why they would be reaching out in the first place?”

homestead artisan bakery cafe business

As it turns out, she’s glad they did reach out. “It was definitely a whirlwind. It was a crazy experience.” Cait says, following a prolonged interview process, production began in October of 2020. “There were a few bakeries in the running, and then we ended up getting chosen.”

Cait says she and her business partner/best friend Lise Garden were definitely out of their element, but that it did pay off in the end. “We had never really done anything on television, we were definitely not super comfortable on the cameras. Seven full days of 10 hours a day filming, it was definitely an experience that put us out of our comfort zone,” said Cait.

homestead artisan bakery cafe business

“I think it’s funny to see when you film for seven days, and there’s so much content and so much stuff that you go over, and then really, you know, it’s something like 45 minutes of television that all of that filming has come down to,” she added. “It actually ended up being very kind of simple and cute. And we were happy with the way that the show turned out.”

As for the end result, Cait says there’s no looking back. “I feel pretty proud,” she said. “It’s exciting to see the bakery being featured on national television and how wonderful that they did a great job in the show. It kind of highlighted the downtown community and just showed how beautiful it was.”

“The biggest takeaway from it was, we all did something that we’re kind of really uncomfortable with. But it ended up being a really fun experience,” concluded Cait.

Cait and Lisa’s episode of Project Bakeover can now be viewed through the Food Network’s on-demand service.