Drew Barrymore pauses interview when man rushes the stage during event: Calls actress Renee Rapp “Her Kevin Costner”

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Drew Barrymore was whisked off stage, and a man was escorted from the building after a tense moment during an interview.

On Monday, the actress and talk show host interviewed actor and singer Renee Rapp at the 92nd Street Y in Manhattan.

During the interview, someone in the audience shouted her name. Once he got her attention, he walked toward the stage and said..

“You know who I am? My name is Chad Michael Busto. I need to see you at some point while I’m here in New York.”

Drew’s team and security quickly escorted the man away while Rapp put her arms around her and helped her off stage.

Once the commotion died down, the two women returned to the stage, and Drew proclaimed that Rapp to be her new protector.

“Well, I have a new definition of your sexiness; it’s that level of protectiveness. That went full ‘Bodyguard. You’re my Kevin Costner!” she told Rapp.

@vidsofceleb Scary moment, thankfully security took care of it. #drewbarrymore #reneerapp ♬ original sound – Edits

feature image from The Associated Press by Chris Pizzello