(VIDEO) Driver charged for using licence plate concealing technology

A driver can face a fine of $85

Halton Regional Police have charged the driver of a Porsche with using a licence-plate concealing device.

The motorist was pulled over in Milton on Sunday night.

According to police, the licence plate could be concealed by pressing a button from the driver’s seat.

“Investigation revealed that the driver had a licence plate concealing device,” police tweeted. “The driver was charged.”

According to the Ontario Highway Traffic Act, it is illegal for any driver to obstruct their licence plate.

However, licence plate covers are legal to sell in Ontario.

What is Section 13 of the Ontario Highway Traffic Act?

When a licence plate cover “obstructs the licence plate by reflecting headlights, or where a licence plate or plate cover is dirty, damaged, or discoloured and the licence plate is not clearly visible,” the operator is subject to a fine of $85 (plus court costs and victim fine surcharges) under section 13 of the HTA.

Banner image: HRPS/Twitter