Driver of ditched snowplow in Innisfil facing drunk driving charge

Two others came close

The driver of a snowplow that went into the ditch sunday morning has been charged with drunk driving.

South Simcoe Police were called out to Yonge St. just south of Innisfil Beach Rd. around 11:30 Sunday morning, with reports a pickup truck with a snow plow on the front had gone into the ditch. By the time police arrived, the vehicle was out of the ditch and in a nearby driveway. In speaking to the driver, police say the smell of alcohol could be detected on the man’s breath.

The 61-year-old Innisfil man was taken back to the station for breath tests that police say resulted in readings well over the legal limit. The driver has since been charged appropriately.

Meanwhile, police say two drivers are in hot water with the law after coming close enough to drunk driving. A 22-year-old Bradford man was issued a seven day licence suspension after a vehicle with open alcohol and a driver with booze on his breath passed thrugh a Bradford RIDE spot check Friday evening. A 35-year-old woman in Innisfil was clocked by police at speeds of 30km over the limit around 2:00 Saturday morning. She registered a ‘caution’ on a roadside screening device, according to police, resulting in a three day licence suspension.