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Ontario EarlyON Centres provide a fun and safe space for families in Simcoe County

The best kept secret for families with young children

It’s one of the best-kept secrets in Simcoe County but one that parents with young children should get to know.

Ontario EarlyON centres were around way before the pandemic began. They continue to offer a safe space for children and their families to socialize and learn from their peers.

Current locations in Simcoe County include Barrie, Bradford, and Innisfil.

CEO of Empower Simcoe, Dr. Claudine Cousins, says the EarlyON Centres differ from child care centres.

“This is about families having the time to spend with their children in an environment that facilitates their development. It also allows parents to connect and ask questions.” Cousins explains.

First-time visitors can expect to be greeted and given a tour by highly skilled and committed staff who introduce the programs and resources.

EarlyON is free and open to any family with children from infancy to seven years old.

 Empower Simcoe CEO, Dr. Claudine Cousins

In addition to playrooms, parents can take courses specific to them, ranging from prenatal care, parent education, getting kids ready for kindergarten, and everything in between.

Since re-opening, there have been some post-pandemic changes.

The biggest is pre-registration.

In the past, people could drop in, but now registration is required to ensure there is enough room.

Cousins explains, “children that attend cannot be vaccinated, and we want to ensure they are safe, so we have reduced the capacity within our locations.”

EarlyON Centre Stay and Play Program. Image supplied

However, they continue to expand their virtual programs.

“We have a YouTube channel that has over 100 videos with stories, songs, activities, and challenges. So even though we’re back in person, we have continued to expand virtual programming that allows more access for our families and caregivers.” Cousins explains.

It’s been wonderful to see children socializing again, she adds.

“It’s so important for kids to have the opportunity to socialize with kids their age. The interactions are something they use in their development and use to help make decisions.”

“Play and the EarlyON Centre allows them to develop cognitively, and also gain their independence in terms of making some decisions.” She adds.

She explains that socializing doesn’t just benefit children, but is important to adults too.

“It’s important for families and caregivers to connect because they have also been separated. And the opportunity to come together with like-minded individuals is very important for mental health as well.”

“It comes full circle in terms of the children; if your caregivers are well and healthy- then your children are too-so it works both ways.”

For more information on pre-registration, hours and locations head over to empowersimcoe.ca