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Local church offers space as emergency motel model to shelter homeless begins to wind down

Up to 100 individuals require access to temporary overnight shelter space

A local church has offered space as the clock ticks toward June 30 and the end of provincial and federal funding for the emergency motel model that has sheltered the homeless in Barrie since March 2020.

There are up to 100 individuals requiring access to temporary overnight shelter space.

The motel model is currently operating at the Travelodge on Bayfield Street and is being used by the Busby Centre and Elizabeth Fry Society.

“Through the generosity of a local church, space has been offered and discussions are continuing with shelter providers and key stakeholders to determine if this option is possible,” said County of Simcoe Warden George Cornell.

The temporary emergency motel shelter model program began in March 2020 and was a direct response to the needs of homeless individuals during the COVID-19 pandemic as shelters reduced their capacity or closed due to health and safety requirements.

“The federal and provincial governments both stepped up during the pandemic to support vulnerable residents, and we value their tremendous contributions,” said Cornell.

In 2022, the average cost for the motel model was $850,000 per month including motel costs, staffing and program expenses to run the program at the Travelodge, housing as many as 140 to 175 people nightly.

“Without continued funding, the temporary emergency motel shelter model is not sustainable and a transition from the model is necessary,” said Cornell.

He said collaborative planning to transition from the temporary emergency motel shelter model started in March this year.

“We are grateful that all area shelters have been given health and safety approval from Public Health to reopen their facilities and resume their shelter operations at full capacity at their regular locations that they operated from pre-pandemic,” said Cornell.

“While we know that there are more individuals seeking shelter than available shelter system capacity, the County of Simcoe is working with service providers and key stakeholders including the faith community and the City of Barrie to identify possible solutions for interim temporary overnight space to accommodate a number of individuals requiring shelter.” 

County Council was provided with a detailed update on the transition plans and interim shelter capacity concerns. County Council also discussed at length long-term options to support homeless individuals towards more permanent housing solutions. In the interim, shelter operators will continue to provide services to as many individuals as possible within their regular shelter locations.

In Barrie, the motel model was also adopted by Youth Haven. The agency’s transitional program returned to its current location in April 2021 and the emergency shelter resumed operations from its Wellington Street site last October.

The Salvation Army Bayside Mission did not participate in the program and was able to meet distancing and isolation requirements from their downtown location.

Banner image: File photo – The Busby Centre