Empowering young girls to be their best

Innisfil mom leading the charge

It’s a tough road, raising kids who are competent, confident and have a sense of purpose, but Innisfil mom Tara Filteau has grabbed the bull by the horns.

Inspire, Empower, Connect

When she ran for town council in the last municipal election she saw a change in her 8-year-old daughter, Sophia, who campaigned with her. She noticed Sophia had become aware of issues in the town and was inspired by her mother’s leadership, “After the campaign dust settled, she went back to school, she joined the Green Team, and I saw her doing all these initiatives – taking initiatives on her own. It was quite inspiring and I wanted to keep that going with her.”

Studies have shown that compared to boys, girls’ self-esteem plummets dramatically between the tween and teen years. Teaching young girls that failure is okay and that sometime, success cannot exist without risk

Filteau says it was difficult finding empowerment seminars and events they could attend together – there are few for kids Sophia’s age – so they created Mother Daughter Empower. “We wanted to create an organization that would inspire moms to empower their daughters and an opportunity for them to actually connect and communicate and do things together.”

Empowerment Retreat

Their first event is a mother/daughter retreat this month at Horseshoe Resort that combines recreational activities, yoga, meditation and more. There’s also a seminar planned for next year, as well as an online collective for dialogue.

Learn more at motherdaughterempower.ca