Essa Township residents are being asked not to mow in May

The township says it is part of an effort to help local pollinators

Let it grow, let it grow, let it grow.

Essa Township residents and businesses are being urged not to cut their lawns next month.

The ‘No Mow May’ month is part of the township’s effort to help local pollinators.

“This will let flowers, including dandelions, bloom on lawns, providing an important and early source of nectar and pollen for wild bees, butterflies and other pollinating insects,” the township said in a news release.

No Mow May started in the U.K, and according to the township, is picking up steam in Canada.

“Even a modest reduction in lawn mowing frequency can bring a host of environmental benefits,” states Dr. Chris Watson of the University of Quebec at Trois-Rivieres.

Watson says the benefits include increased pollinators, increased plant diversity and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. He adds that a long and healthier lawn makes it more resistant to pests, weeds and droughts.