Not so happily Ever After as organizers scrap electronic music festival

Township staff raised concerns about safety and security

Organizers of the Ever After electronic musical festival posted to social media on Friday that the event has been scrapped.

“We have been met with a series of obstacles from several key third parties that will prevent this event from moving forward as planned,” the statement said.

The organizers said more information would be provided to ticket buyers in an email about their orders and their options by next week.

The festival was to be held on Aug. 11 to 14 at Burl’s Creek in Oro-Medonte.

Staff raised concerns about safety and security.

“Given the incomplete status of the operational plan submitted by the organizers for the Festival, the ability to implement appropriate controls and public safety measures and requirements within an appropriate timeframe prior to commencement of the Festival, and potential adverse impacts to public health and safety and security of attendees, performers, vendors and residents; the Township’s agency partners could not approve the operational plan for the Festival. In accordance with its obligations under the Special Event By-law, the Township could not issue a permit to allow the Festival to proceed,” the township said in a statement on Friday afternoon.

Performers took to social media a few days ago indicating the festival wasn’t going ahead even though organizers were still selling tickets as of Thursday afternoon.

The festival was expected to draw 15,000 people a day.

At a special township council meeting, a staff report said the organizers had failed to address “the concerns and requirements for appropriate security, building/structure, traffic management, fire safety, community impact, food and beverage and medical and emergency plans.”

Ever After told ticket holders there was an appeals process, something the township said is not possible.

Previous to this, organizers had held the music festival in Kitchener.

In Friday’s statement, Ever After tried to push the blame for the cancellation back on the township.

“Let us be clear, this is not our decision to cancel, we have been forced to cancel by third parties.”