Everything You Need To Know About The 2023 Israel-Hamas War

The year 2023 marked a significant turning point in the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict, bringing about widespread violence and upheaval in the Gaza Strip.

News is coming so fast, and from so many sources that it can be hard to keep up with it all, or even comprehend how this happened.

The Israel-Hamas conflict in 2023 has its roots in a long-standing history of tension. So there’s a lot of nuance and deep-rooted history that we can’t possibly cover in a short overview.

Because of that, at the bottom of this post, we will link to all of our coverage surrounding this conflict so you can dig deeper. As more stories are published, we will continue to update this article.

Historical Context

The origins of the Israel-Hamas conflict can be traced back to the establishment of Israel in 1948, leading to the displacement of Palestinian Arabs.

The Gaza Strip, under Hamas control since 2007, has been subjected to a strict blockade, causing significant suffering among its population.

Previous conflicts, including the 2021 war, have left lasting scars on both sides, contributing to the ongoing tension.

The 2023 Escalation

The 2023 conflict was triggered by a series of events that began with a surprise cross-border raid on Israel by Hamas

This attack resulted in more than 1,400 casualties and the taking of hostages by Hamas.

The Israeli response, codenamed “Operation Swords of Iron,” targeted what they considered Hamas and Islamic Jihad positions in Gaza and led to the blockage of supply lines, worsening the humanitarian situation.

Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza

The Gaza Strip, one of the most densely populated areas globally, has been deeply affected by the ongoing blockade, compounded by the destruction caused by the conflict.

The situation has led to food and fuel shortages, power outages, and concerns about potential war crimes.

International organizations and human rights groups have consistently highlighted the dire circumstances in Gaza.

Key Actors

Understanding the primary actors in the conflict is vital:

  1. Hamas: An Islamist organization with origins in the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas refuses to engage with Israel and is designated as a terrorist group by several nations. It governs Gaza and has a military wing responsible for attacks on Israel.
  2. Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ): PIJ is an ally of Hamas and is also considered a terrorist organization. It has conducted attacks on Israel.
  3. Israel: The State of Israel has experienced ongoing tensions and conflicts with Palestinian factions, primarily Hamas. Israel has declared war in response to attacks and maintained blockades on Gaza.

Regional Implications

The 2023 conflict has raised concerns of a broader regional conflict due to the connections between Hamas, Iran, and Hezbollah, all of which oppose Israel.

The situation has led to increased tensions on the Lebanese border with Israel and in the occupied West Bank, with the potential for wider regional instability.

What Happens Next?

The situation remains fluid.

Israel is preparing for a potential ground operation and negotiations are ongoing to secure the release of hostages held by Hamas.

The conflict has raised fears of increased violence and potential repercussions for the wider region, emphasizing the need for international efforts to bring about a lasting resolution.

The 2023 Israel-Hamas conflict is a multifaceted issue with a complex historical background and far-reaching implications.

The implications can be felt in cities across the globe, including here in Canada.

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