Forecast for Fall? Warmer than normal.

"September came out to be almost two and a half, three degrees warmer than normal"

His forecast for the summer was spot-on – warmer than normal, but not too hot.

And he had September pegged right, “September came out to be almost two and a half, three degrees warmer than normal.”

So here’s hoping Environment Canada’s Chief Climatologist, David Phillips, can keep his record intact through the Fall, despite the cooler weather expected over the next few days.

“I think there’s a little bit of carryover from summer to fall, because of all of the warm-ups in the lakes and the land. And that certainly, in the Barrie/Lake Simcoe area, is a very important factor. I mean, it doesn’t prevent the snow from coming and the frost from coming, but it sort of eases it in. So my sense is the fall is looking like it’s going to be warmer than normal.”

Make no mistake, says Phillips, with the days getting shorter, and the sun lower in the sky, we’re not going to get July-type warmth.

And because the summer was kind to the trees, Phillips is expecting a banner colour change season, lasting at least until Thanksgiving, perhaps until Hallowe’en, “it’s like that perfect frame around the picture.”

Fall arrives at 9:03 p.m. (September 22).

banner image via Pexels