Feds announce one-time, tax- free payment to help Canadians with disabilities cope with pandemic costs

PM also announces offer of $14B to provinces for "things all Canadians need"

The federal government announced a new one-time, non-taxable payment of $600 for Canadians with disabilities to help pay unexpected expenses from the COVID-19 pandemic.

The one-time, $600 tax-free payment is for individuals who are certificate holders of the Disability Tax Credit. Those who are eligible will receive the payment automatically:

  • $600 for Canadians with a valid Disability Tax Credit certificate.  
  • $300 for Canadians with a valid Disability Tax Credit certificate and who are eligible for the Old Age Security (OAS) pension.
  • $100 for Canadians with a valid Disability Tax Credit certificate and who are eligible for the OAS pension and the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS).

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the money is for those experiencing job insecurity, increased costs for personal support workers, medication, and other medical supplies.

“As we work together to restart the economy, we must continue to protect health and safety, and ensure the right supports are in place for all Canadians,” Trudeau said on Friday during his daily news briefing from Rideau Cottage.

“We’re also creating a National Workplace Accessibility Stream to help people with disabilities find – and keep – a good job. And across the country, we’re funding five new projects to help people get the supportive devices they need to overcome barriers in the workplace,” Trudeau added.

“National approach to reopening is needed,” says PM

Trudeau also said the federal government offered to contribute $14 billion more to provinces and territories towards a safe restart.

“We know the provinces and territories are under serious pressure right now and we want to continue to help,” Trudeau said.

The money would help provinces secure more personal protective equipment for workers and businesses to safely reopen.

Ontario Premier Doug Ford said it’s not enough. “The $14 billion announced for all of Canada won’t cut it,” Ford said. “We need $23 billion alone from the federal government,” he added.

Trudeau asked if he will join Black Lives Matter demonstrations

Meantime, when asked if he would be joining a Black Lives Matter march in Ottawa, Prime Minister Trudeau said he “looks forward” to seeing people demonstrating across the country.

“People right across the country are joining together and standing up to speak out clearly about systemic discrimination that has existed for too long in this country,” Trudeau said.