Feds Chipping in On Huntsville Transit Safety Improvements

Funding Going towards Transit Stops, Accessible Sidewalks, and More

Huntsville is getting some federal funds to spruce up transit safety in town.

Announced this week, $102,000 in funding to go towards making safety enhancements to public transit stops, along with pedestrian crossings, and more accessible sidewalks. The improvements will be in the area of the Canada Summit Centre and Huntsville High School.

“Multi-level government partnership funding is essential to Huntsville as a rural municipality in order for the Town to continually improve and achieve our strategic initiatives. We appreciate the partnership support on this public safety infrastructure project.”

Scott Aitchison, Mayor of Huntsville

The Government of Canada is providing just over thirty-eight grand for the project, while the Town of Huntsville will pony up the rest. Money coming from the Public Transit Infrastructure Fund.