Fees being increased at Waste Diversion Site in Orillia

This is the first hike in the minimum fee in 10 years

For the first time in 10 years, Orillia is hiking minimum fees at the Waste Diversion Site.

Starting on Saturday, the minimum fee is increasing from $10 to $15 per load.

The hike is meant to better cover the actual costs incurred for each load that comes in the Kitchener Street site.

Tagged garbage can still be dropped off at no charge.

Other fee changes include:

  • The fee for bulk compost is increasing from $9.00 to $9.50 per tonne.
  • The fee for regular garbage and building and demolition wood is increasing from $165 to $170 per tonne
  • Commercial customers will be charged $20 per tonne with a $15 minimum charge to drop off readily compostable materials, including leaves and grass clippings, wood chips, small brush (i.e., branches less than 1 meter in length and with  diameter less than 2.5 cm), yard waste and food scraps. Residential drop off is still at no charge.
  • The fee for mixed waste (i.e., where the customer refuses to sort the recyclable items within the load) difficult wastes, such as asbestos, is increasing from $330 to $340 per tonne.
  • The “weight only” charge is increasing from $10 to $15 per load.