Fewer new COVID-19 cases reported across Ontario but younger people remain most affected

Province confirms 111 new cases, 42 percent of which were among those aged 20 to 39

Younger people continue to represent the largest age group affected by COVID-19 even as the province-wide daily caseload addition is trending downward.

Public Health Ontario confirmed 111 cases were added to its caseload since Monday’s update, and of those, 47 were between the ages of 20 and 39. That represents 42 percent of the day’s tally and is the majority of new cases. There were only 34 cases among those aged 40 and up, and 29 cases among those aged 19 or younger.

Public health officials also confirmed four more lives were lost to COVID since Monday’s briefing, and 106 people have recovered.

The City of Toronto saw an improvement to its numbers overnight, with just six new cases reported on Tuesday, compared to 20 the day before. Ottawa continues to see a spike in new cases, with 25 added on the day. While numbers are trending downward in Windsor-Essex, caseload additions remain in the double-digits, with 22 reported on Tuesday.