Fire Prevention Week – Day One: Is Your Escape Plan Ready?

Fire Services across the region are marking Fire Prevention Week, in an annual effort to make sure we all have fire-safe habits at home.

This year, fire services are focusing on home escape plans. The Barrie Fire Service is encouraging everyone to take some time this week to sit down with the family and plan out what everyone in the house should do, in case the worst were to happen. “You and your family have less than two minutes to escape a fire once it breaks down in your home,” says Barrie Fire and Life Safety Officer Samantha Hoffmann. “So it’s really important that you have a home escape plan, and that you sit down with your family and decide what you would do, where you would go, and how you would get out, in a fire emergency.”

Barrie Fire has a free home escape plan kit available online that makes it easy for families to plan a route out of the home. When making that plan, Hoffmann says you need some key ingredients. “You need to have two ways out, doors and windows. ” says Hoffmann, ” Windows might be an option depending on your house. Then you need to have a meeting place outside your house. Somewhere outside of your home; somewhere out front where you can meet the firefighters and let us know that you’re all out safely.”

A copy of a home escape plan is available on the Barrie Fire website

Fire Prevention Week runs until Saturday, October 12th. Barrie 360, with the help of the Barrie Fire Service, will explore more elements of fire safety all this week.