Fire Prevention Week – Day Two: Hug A Firefighter

Teach Your Kids to Put Their Arms Around First Responders in Case of An Emergency

Fire Prevention Week continues, and it comes with a  big hug.

The Barrie Fire Service is suggesting you talk to your children about what to do in the event of a fire in your home, including what they should do in the event firefighters need to enter the home.

Fire and Life Safety Officer Samantha Hoffmann says firefighters like a good squeeze. “You need to know that firefighters are your friends, and they’re going to help you,” says Hoffmann, “and if you see a firefighter dressed in all their gear, their bunker gear, the best thing that you can do is give them a big hug. They’ll put their arms around you and take you outside to safety.”

While you may have smoke alarms and a room escape plan in place, teaching your kids to hug a firefighter is important, especially as conditions are working against you. “After all our best efforts, if there is ever a fire, it’s hot and it’s dark and it’s black.”

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Barrie firefighters will be knocking on random doors this evening between 6pm and 8pm to check for working smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. If they are working, you’ll get a free pizza from Domino’s. If they’re not, firefighters will help you to get them working.

Fire Prevention Week runs until Saturday, October 12th. Barrie 360, with the help of the Barrie Fire and Emergency Service, will explore more elements of fire safety all this week.