Fire Safety For College Days

Cooking One Of The Leading Causes of Fire

Georgian College kids are getting cozy in their new homes, some are living on their own for the first time. Barrie Fire is reminding students about common fire prevention tips. Barrie Fire and Life Safety Officer Samantha Hoffmann says you’re responsible for your own safety. “When you’re at home, there’s usually an adult going around at night, making sure the flat irons are off and that everything is safe before going to sleep; but when your away at school it’s up to you.”

Hoffmann says safety in the kitchen is a priority. Remember to stay in the kitchen when cooking, keep combustibles away from the stove and don’t get distracted. She says they have seen some creative issues in the past including pizza boxes in the oven.

When charging electronics, keep it on a hard surface, not on a soft surface like a bed, and use the chargers that come with the device instead on knock offs.

Students living off campus have to make sure their home has working smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. Know the exits and talk to your landlord about fire safety features. Hoffmann says make sure the home is designed for multi-tenant use and is registered. You can find out if your new home makes the cut at at