Five vehicles stolen in south Barrie neighbourhood after bad guys gleaned key fob RF signal

Police suggest storing your key fob away from the front entrance where it can be detected outside

Barrie Police are warning motorists with key fobs to store them accordingly after five vehicles were stolen.

Police say the vehicles, taken from the Ardagh Road and Mapleton Avenue area overnight, were stolen after thieves were able to duplicate the RF signal produced by key fobs, overriding the vehicle’s computer, allowing the vehicles to be simply driven away.

While some motorists choose to store their keys in a so-called Faraday pouch that dampens RF signals, police say that might not be enough. Barrie Police recommend not storing your key fob near the front door where the signal can be detected. Rather, in a drawer away from the perimeter of your home. Police recommend parking your car in the garage overnight to further prevent victimization.