Focus turns to recovery, repair in Muskoka

Bracebridge Establishes Online Fundraiser

As floodwaters in many areas of Muskoka continue to recede, albeit slowly, attention is turning away from preventing damage to recovering from it. And not just cleaning up around homes.

There is debris strewn across the region – docks and chairs, garbage and more that were swept away by the raging waters.

The Town of Bracebridge has a fundraising effort on the go now, to cover certain flood recovery costs that may not otherwise see funding.

And while disaster relief funding and other funding is available to help pick up where insurance leaves off, there is talk about whether government’s should or could be offering residents in flood-prone areas a buyout – cash to move to higher, dryer ground.

Quebec has made the offer to some flood-affected residents, up to $200,000 which may not cover the mortgage in many cases, but might be enticing to those who have had enough of the annual anxiety from flooding.

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