Foo Fighters tease latest single from new album

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The Foo Fighters are teasing more music. The Band released a small snippet from their new song on social media and it’s already been compared to the Beatles.

The unnamed song is the second from their new album, ‘But Here We Are,’ and will be released in its entirety on Wednesday, May 17.

Fans on social media already love it after hearing just the first 25 seconds, saying things like

“Might need a box of tissues to get through this one it seems. Beautiful lyric.”

“Oh no…. should come with an emotional danger warning 😢 I’m not ready!

“The tears this album has already pulled from me, and it’s not even out yet.”

‘But Here We Are’ is the Band’s first album since the passing of their drummer Taylor Hawkins in March 2022. It’s out June 2.

Hear the teaser clip below.

feature image via youtube/60 minutes australia