Form and function: The Container Project in Barrie

a new public art project

Always quick to pick up on artistic opportunities, the City of Barrie has installed a container at Meridian Place that serves as both storage for winter maintenance equipment and as a beautiful piece of artwork and is called The Container Project.

Part of Barrie’s Downtown Beautification project, the city has long needed a central location to store winter maintenance equipment and in a true effort to not waste a single inch of space, a local artist has also used the container as a canvas for a mural.

“On one side I highlight community centres and different activities that bring people together. I have great memories of swimming in community pools, playing basketball in local gyms, and more recently paddling and rowing around the bay. It is easy to get swept up in the fast pace of life and not really look at or be grateful for the things we have. Sometimes even having certain things temporarily unavailable reminds us of how special they are.” Mural creator, Katie Green went on to say, “The second side is more interactive. My intention is for people to connect with one another through my mural and social media. The shape of the city skyline is composed entirely of local flora and fauna. In a fun hide and seek you can find and share animals and plants found in our community. Each element is drawn by hand and brought together digitally. With our community unable to gather, as usual, I hope this mural creates an opportunity for connection.”

Featured image courtesy of the City of Barrie via