Furry Friends Animal Shelter holding “Thank you for being a friend” fundraiser in honour of Betty White

funds go towards taking care of cats in their care

Just over a year ago, Betty White passed away, and in honour of her memory and love of animals, Barrie’s Furry Friends Animal Shelter is holding a fundraiser for the cats in their care.

When the 99-year-old actress passed away just a few weeks shy of her 100th birthday, animal shelters across North America began the Betty White “Thank you for being a friend” challenge.

Furry Friends, a no-kill shelter that runs solely on volunteers, was one of the places that saw an increase in donations due to the campaign.

Spokesperson Mark Adams says the fundraiser was a bittersweet surprise.

” It proved to be a huge boom to our fundraising. We received about $12,000 in donations, which came out of the blue for us and made a huge difference.”

Adams says they hope to repeat some of that success this year.

“We don’t have a specific number in mind. We aim to raise funds for cats and kittens in critical care at Furry Friends. Those with injuries, chronic conditions and diseases who need extra help to survive and thrive.”

Adams adds that 75% of their budget goes to veterinary care, which is why fundraising is so important.

In addition to the challenge, the shelter will hold an open house on January 17, which would have been White’s 101 birthday.

Image via Furry Friends via facebook

The public is welcome to a guided tour of the building to see what they do throughout the year to care of the cats.

Adams explains, “we don’t generally allow anyone into the shelter any other time of the year, but we want to thank everyone for being a friend on that day.

For information and to donate, go to furryfriends.com or on facebook

feature image from furry friends via facebook