Garbage Trucks Vow Not to Be On Barrie Streets Next Hallowe’en

Some Parents Complained For Safety's Sake

Not quite a trick, but certainly no treat.

A few complaints came into the Barrie 360 newsroom of garbage trucks continuing to collect waste well into the evening on Hallowe’en, as a bunch of diminutive goblins and ghouls were out in the streets.

The City of Barrie says the company contracted to collect the trash was expected to be off the road by 6:00 on October 31st but “encountered operational issues during the day that put them behind.” Extra contracted trucks were sent out to help, but it meant equipment on the road until about 7:00.

The City has spoken to the contracted company who says it “will make every effort to ensure collection trucks are not on the road past 6pm on Halloween in the future.”