‘Gas,’ a new social media app for teens is all about happiness and compliments

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We could use one of these for adults.

A new app for teens called ‘Gas’ is spreading positivity, a welcome change from the usual dumpster fire we see on social media.

According to its website, ‘Gas’ is used to compliment your friends, with creators explaining,

“We wanted to create a place that makes us feel better about ourselves. We hope that Gas shows you that there are people who love and admire you.”

“Gas is designed to be a safe place to interact with friends. Users can only interact through polls and only with people they have accepted as a friend. Unlike apps like Snapchat or Instagram, we do not support messaging between users.”

Gasapp team via tiktok

It works by users being part of a small group of friends tied to their high school. Users anonymously answer poll questions like “who should DJ the next school party.”

Users can’t privately message each other.

So far, it’s only for Apple phones and is available in 12 states, but creators are looking to expand its reach.

Even though it’s not available everywhere, it’s rising dramatically in popularity.

Reports say it’s the most downloaded social media app in the apple store since launching earlier this summer.

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