Gay Apparel Might Get A Pass At The Hallmark Channel, But Gay Weddings, Not So Much.

Hallmark Channel pulls ads featuring marriages of same-sex couples

The Hallmark Channel is caught up in a festive furor over a decision to pull ads from a wedding-planning website because they showed two brides kissing at the altar. Ads featuring heterosexual couples were not removed.

In a statement, a Hallmark spokesperson said the debate from all sides had become distracting and Hallmark did not want to generate controversy. The network’s owner confirmed a conservative group with links to the American Family Association asked that the same-sex ads be removed.

Four of the six ads submitted by Zola had lesbian couples. In the end, Zola removed all of its advertising from Hallmark.

Hallmark’s decision to pull the same-sex ads opened the network up to criticism from several celebrities including Ellen DeGeneres and Sandra Bernhard.

With the Christmas season in full swing, Hallmark is in overdrive with it’s holiday programming.