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GBGH officially opens new dialysis site in Midland

The new space includes private treatment spaces for each patient

News release – from Georgian Bay General Hospital

Georgian Bay General Hospital (GBGH) officially opened its new Dialysis unit today during a small ceremony held at the Midland site (611 Prospect Boulevard). Formerly provided at the hospital’s Penetanguishene site, Dialysis services were permanently relocated to Midland in February 2022 after a four-year approval and construction process. The new site is bright and modern with state-of-the-art technology to serve Dialysis patients for decades to follow.

“The ideal location for Dialysis services is in a community setting which is easily accessible and has other amenities, such as other health services, in close proximity,” says Gail Hunt, president and CEO, GBGH. “Dialysis units also have very specific requirements for water and HVAC systems, making the search for a location challenging. This newly constructed building meets that criteria and then some, with a bright and modern layout to enhance the patient experience, as well as the equipment and technology to continue providing the highest quality of Dialysis care for many years to come.” 

The new space includes private treatment spaces for each patient, something not available in the previous site, as well as additional room to increase from the current nine Dialysis stations up to 12 if needed in the future. There is also a nutrition room where patients are able to eat before starting their treatment. Also included in the new space are examination rooms, a waiting room, technical and mechanical rooms, medication room, and dedicated staff areas. To view a virtual video tour of the site, please click here (

Patients began receiving their Dialysis treatment at the Midland unit on February 14, 2022 following Indigenous smudging and water ceremonies intended to purify, bless and invite positive energy to the new building and thank the land on which it rests.

Sylvia Norton of Christian Island has been a patient receiving dialysis through GBGH for the past two years.

“I was a little bit nervous for this change, but after being in the new space I can say it is a true blessing,” says Norton. “It is much more spacious, bright and private. I am very grateful to the team who made this move so seamless for us as patients.”

During today’s event, the unit was officially opened with remarks from the hospital, as well as the Honourable Jill Dunlop, Minister of Colleges & Universities and MPP for Simcoe North and Midland Mayor Stewart Strathearn, who also toured the space. Representatives from the Regional Kidney Care Program of Simcoe Muskoka, based out of Orillia Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital, were also in attendance to celebrate at this satellite site of the regional program.

The Dialysis unit at GBGH, completes nearly 6,300 visits each year, serving patients from Midland, Penetanguishene, Tiny Township, Tay Township and Christian Island.  

Banner image supplied: Guests in attendance included (from left) Julia Sek, director of Patient Care, GBGH; Aly Wang, project coordinator, GBGH; Bob Savage, project manager, GBGH; Minister of Colleges & Universities and MPP Simcoe North Jill Dunlop; Bernie Uhlich, vice chair, Board of Directors, GBGH; Marni Van Kessel, program director for the Regional Kidney Care Program of Simcoe Muskoka; Midland Mayor Stewart Strathearn; Tom Roberts, co-chair, Regional Renal Leadership Council, Orillia Soldiers’ Memorial Hospital; Gail Hunt, president and CEO, GBGH; and Angie Saini, vice president of Clinical Services and Chief Nursing Executive, GBGH