German Brewing company creates first-ever powdered beer to help ease environmental impact

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For a quick beer, add water.

A German brewing company has created a powdered lager that requires some water for a satisfying brew.

It works like instant coffee, where you add H20 and a quick stir.

It sounds gross initially, but the company behind the invention, Neuzeller Klosterbräu, has been in the brewing game for 500 hundred years.

So why powdered beer when the original stuff is perfect as is?
It’s for the environment.

Reports say it’s intended to help reduce the heavy carbon footprint beer exports generate.

In an interview with the New York Post, the brewery manager says removing the extra weight created by glass and water, the invention could reduce transport weight by 90 percent.

Currently, they are only making non-alcoholic beer available, but they will soon have the boozy ones available for global export.