Get a taste of new software and tech at Google I/O 2021

Not just for app developers and software engineers!

Having skipped the conference last year, Google I/O will surely have a lot to catch up on and while it is a developer conference, it’s sure to have a lot of exciting news for consumers.

The event will have keynote speakers and presentations spanning a range of subjects from technical workshops meant for the really tech-savvy people out there to product and software updates that will give you an early look at what’s to come for Android 12, the Pixel Watch, Pixel Buds, WearOS, and more. If you’re an avid adopter of smart home technology, there will be lots of news about that too.

Check out the full schedule here.

The event takes place from May 18th to May 20 and the best part is, it’s completely free! No passes, no virtual tickets, no need to spend money. Just head over to the website and enjoy!

Featured image courtesy of Google via