Get Some Dirt Under those Fingernails, Earth Day 2019

Millions take part in worldwide clean-ups and activism

Yes Earth Day is both a hippie dippy hug-a-tree love affair and a way for large corporations, politicians and influencers to spruce up their PR. But it’s also about hope. We were all fortunate enough to play outside and get some good ol’ dirt under our nails. We can only hope our children’s children have that same freedom. We can only hope they know what whole foods are and what water from a local lake tastes like.

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There are millions of children pitching in Monday to help make the world a more green place. Earth Day is about our children. It’s about our planet and it’s about us. It’s about asking tough questions. Asking if we are doing enough as a cumulative society. It’s asking what kind of children are we raising to protect our planet?

Earth Day Canada is asking if our children are resilient and connected to nature. UN research suggests Canadian children and youth aren’t any of these things. For Earth Day 2019, Earth Day Canada are asking you to #FreeYourPlay. It’s a day of action for our next generation.
Earth Day 2019 #FreeYourPlay 

It Began Nearly 50 years ago

On this day 49 years ago over 20-million Americans demonstrated in support of our environment. That first rally was inspired by U.S. senator Gaylord Nelson, who had just witnessed the devastation caused by the 1969 oil spill in Santa Barbara. Shook from that, Nelson called for a “national teach-in on the environment.”

Daisy Market offers refills and zero waste goods in Thornbury and now in Collingwood.

Daisy Market offers refills and zero waste goods in Thornbury and now in Collingwood.

He chose a time between exams and spring break (April 22nd) because he wanted to maximize the number of students he thought would attend. That movement grew t 200 million people worldwide some two decades later. An on April 22nd 1990, Earth Day officially began. Now there a billion people worldwide taking in the day and helping clean lakes, streams, creeks, roadsides, school yards and forests of discarded waste.

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