Government Workers Called in Sick More

Government employees were absent from work 77% more often than private sector employees in 2018.

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) says the average for government sector is 12.2 days off sick per employee, while the private sector averages out to 6.9 days, a difference of 5.3 days. Numbers from the CTF indicate the number of sick days taken by government employees has increased every year for the last five years, and while the private sector also saw an increase, it was a much slower one.

On the provincial level, Ontario government employees averaged 9.9 days off in 2018, which is a decrease from five years ago, when it stood at 10.2 days. Ontario’s private sector employees didn’t deviate much from the federal norm, at an average six days off.

Alberta government employees missed the most days of work averaging 14.4 days per year. Quebec government employees were close behind missing 13 days per employee. The national average of sick days per provincial government employee is 11.5 days per year.