Sister act foils grandparent scam, suspect charged by South Simcoe cops

Police say the suspect tried to dupe an Innisfil senior out of thousands of dollars

A grandparent scam has been busted.

South Simcoe Police say an 85-year-old Innisfil woman got a call on Wednesday from a guy saying her niece was in jail and money was required for her release.

The senior was told that someone would be at her home in an hour to pick up the cash, which was several thousands of dollars.

The woman was alone and afraid for her safety, so police say she told her sister who called the cops, who were only more than happy to meet and greet the suspect when he arrived.

A 20-year-old Mississauga man has been charged with fraud over five thousand dollars.

He was released with a future court date.

What you should know: The grandparent scam typically involves the victim receiving an unsolicited phone call regarding a loved one in trouble. South Simcoe Police Service would like to remind residents who receive urgent, unanticipated requests for money to be extremely cautious and resist the pressure to comply immediately. Hang up the call and contact a family member to verify the story or call police for help. Never provide personal or financial information to an unknown caller or anyone whose identity you have not confirmed. Residents, please speak to the seniors in your life and remind them about these scams.