Grandparent scam snares thousands from Orillia resident

The victim offered to exchange cash at the Orillia OPP detachment and was told not to go to the police station

An Orillia resident is out more than $5,0000 after being snared by the grandparent scam.

Provincial police say the victim received a call on Tuesday from a guy who identified himself as that person’s grandson, and that he had been in a car accident where another driver was injured, and they had been arrested and was headed for a bail hearing. The man told the victim to call a number and speak with a lawyer representing the grandson. The victim followed the instructions and spoke with someone claiming to be his grandson’s lawyer. This person told the man that $6,450 was required for his grandson’s release and that a driver would be sent to his house to collect the cash and take it to the courthouse.

The victim told the man he could only access $5,500. When the victim said he could exchange the money at the Orillia OPP detachment he was told not to attend the police station, but rather wait until a driver appeared at his home to get the money. Arrangements were made, and a man went to the victim’s home and got the cash.

The male suspect is described as:

• African American

• Afro

• Approximately 5’10” tall

• Slim build

• Thick Eyebrows

• Thin Mustache

• Slacks and Dark Jacket