Grassroots #HateHasNoHomeHere campaign already sold out of the first batch, new lawn signs on order

First batch of 500 sold out, another 700 on the way

A locally-run anti-hate campaign quickly sold all its lawn signs, but hundreds more are on order.

In late June, the local community support group Barrie Families Unite (BFU) partnered with BMO to introduce #HateHasNoHomeHere lawn signs as a means of community solidarity. “It helps to promote hope and bring some sense of possibility,” BFU founder and chair Nikki Glahn told Barrie 360 in late June.

They ordered 500 and quickly sold out. Another 700 are on the way, with a third order being considered by organizers.

Each 18″x12″ sign costs $5.50, and everyone who purchases one will receive an email with information on the different communities within Barrie that are represented on the sign, as well as advice on how to get involved.

While it got its start as a Facebook group supporting Barrie residents at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, BFU has since grown to become the go-to for community advice and support. The group has grown to the point where it has introduced its own website, a site you can use to order your own #HateHasNoHomeHere lawn sign. Interested parties can fill out a request to get a sign if a third batch is ordered in.