Hairstylists say to expect enhanced cleaning, face masks, and distancing when they reopen

Reopening date unknown but stylists can't wait to see you back

A relationship most of us are missing is with our hairstylists and barbers. As anxious as we are to get back to them, they’re just as antsy to see us back in their chair.

The next time you go for your long overdue visit, prepare for added safety precautions and more distancing between clients.

The re-opening day for salons is unknown as of yet, but Ontario workplace Safety & Prevention Services have released a guideline document for all businesses related to personal services.

Owner of Gravity Salon Professionals in Barrie, Ivo Tiberio says the key component includes ongoing health screening for both staff and customers. “This includes maintaining physical distancing whenever possible by eliminating waiting areas, beverage services, and walk-in customers.”

image courtesy of Gravity Salon Professionals

There will also be enhanced disinfecting, wearing masks, providing hand sanitizers, and thoroughly cleaning in between all clients. Tiberio says it’s an enhancement of the disinfecting policies they already had to follow in the past.

Owner of Beauty and Babes Melissa Ferguson says they will include temperature checks when people come through the door, along with all the other safety protocols. ” It will be a learning experience for everybody” Ferguson adds.

During this time, salon owners have been speaking to each other for guidance and support. Tiberio says he’s been in communication with several local salons. “It’s been great to come together to share ideas as a group and have an open dialogue about what’s to come so that we can all prepare together.”

Ferguson says she has been in contact with Ontario stylists through a group she created on facebook to keep each other up to date as information comes out.

image courtesy of Beauty and Babes Via facebook

Once doors open, you could still have to wait a while to get in as there will likely be high demand for appointments. Both owners say you should get on a waitlist as soon as possible.

Tiberio says their waitlist includes all of the clients who had appointments booked that they were unable to fulfill due to the closure. “Those will be the first people we contact when we get the official opening date from the government, as some of them have been waiting 6-8 weeks get in”. We are encouraging our customers to contact us via email,

Ferguson’s salon also has a priority list that she encourages clients to get on at

Contact your salon to find out if they have a waitlist started.

One other challenge will be staffing. Tiberio says he won’t necessarily need to limit staff but will have to be creative in how to schedule in order to maintain the physical distancing guidelines. “What that most likely means is shifting the hours the stylists work in order to alleviate congestion within the salon.”

Like any change, it will take some time to adapt Tiberio says. “The guidelines will likely continue to change as time goes on but I have confidence that as an industry we are well equipped for the challenge.”

feature image courtesy of Gravity Salon Professionals